What to do with kids in Kiev

Kidlandia - City of trades

You can spend there minimum the whole day. Better not on weekends.


3) Nature Museum

4) Zoo

5) Dream Town - water park, skating rink, rollerdrome, skates and rollerskates are for rent, cinema, minizoo (reptiles, birds) - great option for a bad weather day

6) we stay at these 3 hotels - suits for those travelling with their own car (public transportation is not available there) or by taxi:
- 7 Days Hotel Kiev - On a budget, clean, supermarket is nearby.
- City Holiday Resort & SPA - luxurious, not cheap:

- Korona Hotel - cheap, clean, comfortable to spend the night before or after the flight, 5 min from Borispil airport, they have transfer to/from the airport
All the three hotels can be booked via booking.com

7) theatres, concerts - google and book your tickets beforehand to get good seats

8) Food - almost all the network venues are safe, especially in foodcourts at the malls and on main streets in downtown (not the railway stations and markets) "Sushiya" "Chelentano", L'Kafa Café, Coffee House There are many decent cafes and restaurants that do not belong to any network, different cuisine and budget, but you wouldn't find them without a local quide.

9) They have Uber. You can pay cash

10) We were lucky to attend the festival of Easter eggs

11) Upside-down house

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Where to go with kids in Kiev

Kids-friendly activities in Kiev

How the spend a weekend with kids in Kiev

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