Disneyland Paris

Leaving for France. Day 1
Recommend - You should start your day at Disneyland in the morning, so it's better to stay the night before at some other hotel (cheeper), next morning you check in your Disney hotel, leave your luggage there and head to the Parks.

Day 2

Fire-breathing dragon (Disney Stars on Parade), Princesses Starlit Waltz

It's better to catch the Parade not once - the frist time - from the front row, to see all the details, the second time - from afar, to see the platforms in the perspective

Exploring the Castle, enjoying the rides and meeting Rapunzel

If it rains you can buy plastic raincoats at Disneyland. 10 euro per piece.

Mickey and the Magician Show

Disneyland at night

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it's better to come about 2 hours in advance for Disney Illuminaions

Shops, cafes, buffet

You should pre-book your seats at any restaurant in the Parks. At least on the day of your arrival (but not all the restaurants will be available), better - one-tow months in advance.

Day 4, Dragon, special effects

One Day in Paris - Laduree, Seine river criuse, Notre-Dame

At any cafe in the Parks you can get a glass of hot water. Free. You can make yourself a cup of instant porridge or a tea or just keep your hands warm.

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